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Meditation Music CD "A being of light"

Healing Meditation

meditation cd

A being of light .mp3
listen to "A being of light"download a bieng of light

Meditation music .mp3
listen to "A being of light 2"download a bieng of light 2


The Mp3's above are just a short sample of the CD.
The entire CD runs for just over an hour long.


Lorraine(Turquoise) has been a yoga and meditation teacher for 20 years. She uses time honoured techniques to heal body, mind and spirit.
Lorraine is happy to answer any questions you may have regarding Meditation and/or relaxation, and also any queries you may have about her guided meditation and relaxation CD.

Lorraine approached Chris and Aliki Holland to  produce her debut C.D which is entitled "A Being of Light" .Aliki wrote the music in conjunction with Turquoise's beautiful dialogue to help bring peace and serenity into busy lives.They have now released this CD on their  label Red Chakra Records

meditation cd

The C.D.proved to be a wonderful source of help to her mother during her fight against cancer and enduring the hardships of chemotherapy (Yes mums hair has grown back and she is very well..)
You too can enjoy the peace and tranquility that comes from deep relaxation and meditation with "Turquoise's" C.D.

$25 including postage & handling


Well being

Relaxation Music

Classical relaxation evokes calmness as it still an over active brain, soothes the entire nervous system.

Relaxation teaches you how to breathe for maximum benefit, so that tension is released and energy is made fully available.

Complete breathing techniques regenerate the entire body, calming the nerves, relaxing the mental state, bringing clarity and peace on all levels.

The secret of relaxation is the fact that it deals with the entire body, not just one of its aspects. It is concerned with growth - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

It develops and illuminates forces which are evident within all of us.
Beginning with improved health and added physical well being, it works up slowly through the mental to the spiritual.


Meditation Mp3s

Guided Meditation & Yoga



Robert Brown ( Himachal ) has developed a free, beautifully presented yoga and meditation guide using animations and text to help the young and old the art of meditation and yoga practice. You will learn yoga postures, poses, positions and breathing excercises, you will also learn meditation techniques
that children can use with the easy animated guides.

This is a simple comprehensive yoga and meditation program with guided meditation techniques, powerful animated Yoga practices and Yoga Chakra presentations, following the Shat Chakra Nirupana Tantric teachings and Satyananda Yoga tradition.
Learn to access and control the flow Prana or the body's electricity or Life Energy essential for maintaining a healthy Immune System and Emotional Stability. Below you wil find a complete and comprehensive guide to meditation and yoga, with instructions suitable for children and adults and absolutely free..

Chakra Meditation

Chakra Meditation for all those wanting to learn meditation, whether child or adult, this free online program will allow you to reap the benefits of meditation.

"I highly recommend this 'one of a kind' spectacular guide to the psychic anatomy of the Yoga and Tantric tradition. Nothing approaching the beauty and sophistication of Robert's program exists"

Swami Anandakapila Saraswati Dr Jonn Mumford

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